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Gamechanger AI

Klaus Henning

Format: PDF,ePub

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Artificial intelligence changes everything.
This book encourages readers to consider  the challenges of the digital transformation driven by Artificial Intelligence. The reader will discover  why this transformation is to be regarded as the greatest cultural revolution since the invention of mass printing and how it can be shaped positively in a value-oriented way. 
The author pursues the thesis that intelligent objects on the internet, as well as physical objects, are attaining  their own consciousness. Using many examples, he shows how these digital companions become our digital partners.
This non-fiction book provides many suggestions for one's own living and working environment and is full of examples of how artificial intelligence systems can be implemented. The reader learns what is already possible today and what can be expected in the next ten to twenty years. 
The book is of interest to anyone interested in AI and the digital transformation - from those responsible in companies, public institutions, and in politics,  to all teachers and parents who want to understand what the next generation can expect.

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